Toxic Skincare & The FDA



Companies in the U.S. are allowed to put ingredients into personal care products with no required safety testing, and without disclosing all the ingredients.


ALWAYS CHECK PRODUCT INGREDIENTS. Don't just rely on the brands name or advertising. Just because a brand may be well-known or trusted, doesn't mean that it is safe. Marketing plays a very important role in our society and lots of companies hide behind it.

In Europe, you won’t find talc in many baby powders, the skin-lightening ingredient hydroquinone in skin creams, lead acetate in hair dye, or many other toxic substances because they are banned from personal care products. Here, you can find those substances in personal care products, with no health warnings.

In the U.S., the Cosmetics Ingredient Review Panel, a non-governmental body that shares offices with the cosmetics industry trade association, is in charge of determining whether ingredients are safe. Even if they do recommend against using one, companies are free to ignore their recommendations.


So it is up to you, the consumer, to check all product labels before purchasing to ensure you're using the safest products possible on yourself and on your loved ones.